Vanee from the Tourism Association talks about Bike 4 Dad

Khun Vanee who is the president of the Tourism Association talks about the ‘Be Good 4 Dad’ bike ride event which is happening on the 11th of December.

Hello Vaanee, so can you explain what Bike 4 Dad is for?
The purpose is to say that we love our king and that we love our dad from Koh Phangan.

We may be a small island but we want everyone in the world to know that we love our king.

It will be very similar to Bike 4 Mom but with more people including officials. We have the Leading Executing Director of Koh Phangan, he’s the top man like the Mayor.
Our king is the king of all kings. He has sone so much for the country starting from the day he started ruling Thailand in 1946.

When he became the king of the kingdom of Thialand, he told the thai people that he will look after the country and all the thai people and he said he will never leave anyone if the people don’t leave him.

He has been working very hard to develop the country and Thailand became a larger country in Asia. He made the people happy and the country developed in many ways.

All of the people in Thailand love and respect the king and want to share the love and respect and to say loudly, to let people all over the world to know, we love our king, we love the king. Many people in Koh Phangan support this!

Do you enjoy the cycling?

Yes I enjoy it. We all get together, do the bike ride and make the heart shape again and we are hoping to get more pictures of people in the heart but it needs some kind of technique.

Everyone will be eating, celebrating and enjoying to show our love for our dad and our king.

Why is this good for Koh Phangan?

We are all together, we all have the same goal to keep Koh Phangan peaceful and good for the happiness of tourists who come and to be good hosts for all.

We want everyone to hear loudly that ‘We love the king’. We are willing to give a lot and be the favourite place for tourists to come.

Will you be making a speech again?
Yes I will.

What do you hope for Koh Phangan’s future?
I want Koh Phangan to be the favourite place for tourists and when they come to be happy and take care.

We live where people don’t really know us but we can still make a big celebration for the king!

Watch the video of the previous Be Good 4 Mom event below!