The Wonderful Girls of the Tourist Assistance Center

So tell us a bit about what you do…

We have a responsibility to help the tourists, we go to the Full Moon party every month and also to the New Year’s Party to help but we also have fun sometimes there!
We take care of the tourists. It is just the three of us here but we work together with Vanee and Kit and have contact with Bangkok and Surat Thani offices, we have to report to them.

What is a common thing to happen?

There are stolen wallets every year! Many tourists have to go to the police station because they are missing their phone, money or credit cards, it’s the same every Full Moon.
We also have to arrange a lot of boat tickets, we talk to the managers of the boat companies and help the tourists to get home.

Have you got any funny stories from Full Moon?

Ha-ha we have people saying ‘I love you’, ‘kiss, kiss, my ladies!’, ‘dance with me!’all the time.

What do you hope for the Tourist Association?

We do get money from the government but we would like a bit more support.

What advice would you give to tourists?

When you rent a motorbike, please take care and wear a helmet. We would actually recommend to get taxi’s instead, Koh Phangan is a small island and the roads are different to the mainland, more curves in the road.

What are you doing for Bike 4 Dad?

We all did Bike 4 Mom and we are all going to do Bike for Dad as well.
We have been helping with the documents and getting the t-shirts, we’re all helping each other.

What do you like about Koh Phangan?

The peace and quiet, we don’t like the traffic in cities and here you have delicious food, waterfalls and beaches. We like Peng waterfall and to go and eat BBQ and sometimes go to Saturn Pub for friends birthdays.