The Tourist Association’s Pi Kajud Original Phangan

Kajud is original Koh Phangan, he owns Haad Gruad Beach Bungalows and is also an Interior designer. He was the designer of his own hotel.

Aged sixteen Kajud left Koh Phangan to study in Bangkok and came back when he was thirty one.

What was it like growing up on Koh Phangan?

Thirty years ago everyone knew each other, I have cousins all around the island, like a whole island family. Vannee is in fact my cousin! I met my wife in Bangkok though.

Why is Koh Phangan special?
It’s not same same. Phangan has good nature, ten years ago too much was taken, too much fishing but now it is coming back.

We are better than Samui or Phuket and the government take care of the sea and nature.

We have had two hundred baby turtles! We take care of the eggs and the babies for two months.

We also have a type of big shell in the sea and no one is allowed to take them, they are already protected, they live a long time in the ecosystem. We also have many sea cucumbers.

I dive every morning and check on the nature! Sometimes at night the fishermen come to take the shells , they’re not allowed but sometimes they do.

What have you been doing for Be Good 4 Dad?

I have been working out the route and planning the area for all of the meetings. I also cycle! I did Be Good 4 Mom as well.

What do you hope for Koh Phangan?
I want to keep the good nature, I tell everyone at my hotel to take care and then it will be better. Usually tourists don’t know these things but I tell them. They may not plan to stay long but they always end up staying longer.

Run us through the Be Good 4 Dad event and what will happen…

We all meet at 2pm, all of Thailand are meeting at the same time. We talk to everyone then start the bike ride at 3pm.

We cycle for about one hour as there are lots of people, maybe it will take one and a half hours for the last person.

Then we will eat again and take photo’s, have music and people can get health checked, everyone can check they’re ok.