South West Koh Phangan

Are you craving sunshine, relaxation, adventure, snorkeling or a cultural immersion? On the Southwest side of Koh Phangan you can have it all! This side of the island offers a diverse range of activities. With unrivaled views of the sunset over the neighboring island of Koh Samui, the granite mountain Khao Hin Nok, and abundant reefs, relax in awe at the natural beauty of Thailand. Thong Sala Pier is on the Southwest side of the island and the town of Thong Sala has a wide range of craft goods and delicious authentic Thai food.


A peaceful beach, with unmatched views of the tangerine sunset over Koh Samui, Ao Bang Charu is a tourist favorite. Located close to Thong Sala pier, the beach runs uninterrupted for 6 km. Although conveniently-located, the beach is far enough away to still forget the rest of the world exists. The snorkeling is best over the reef, where you can explore and see Thailand’s unique marine life.


One of the more populated beaches on the island, resorts and relaxation are easily-accessible on this beach. This beach is the long beach that runs from Thong Sala pier and along the bay. Hire a kayak and journey out to the reef. Enjoy the view from above or hop in and snorkel.


Nestled at the base of the granite mountain, Khao Hin Nok, this beach is a rare gem. With rounded boulders and an unmatched view of Ang Thong Marine Park, this beach offers incredible snorkeling, kayaking and relaxation. It’s best to hire a kayak and paddle 80 meters out to the reef. The reef is a favorite among the divers in the area.


Ao Wok Tum joins with Ao Hin Kong at the southern section of a wide bay. With a massively developed coral reef, snorkeling or diving is incredible in the crystal waters. Mangrove trees line the beach and offer rest from the beating sun.