North Koh Phangan

This is the least-developed part of the island, but still offers plenty of options for both the night owls and the early birds. This is also home to the famous Bottle Beach, named for its bottle shape and loved for its authentic, laid-back vibe. It’s a bit of a hike from the main road, but offers a heightened sense of privacy and peace. Chakolum Bay, the largest bay on the island, starts on the west coast and wraps around the north coast. The fishing village of Chakolum keeps prices down, and offers an abundant selection of fresh fish. The north coast is an ideal way to escape the crowds and enjoy authentic Thai culture.


Lounge where the local fishermen keep their long-tail boats. This beach is 2.5 km long, with the main fishing village, Chaloklum, located in the center. This of course guarantees fresh, delicious fish being sold all along the coast. “Mai Pen Rai,” Thai for, “no worries,” is the catch-phrase on this beach. Watch the Thai lifestyle as you sit on the sand, or swing from a wooden seat hung from a palm tree. See how the locals live and enjoy Thai cuisine at this Northern beach.


Just a short walk from the fishing village, Chaloklum, Haad Khom beach is a must-snorkel beach! With an extensive living coral reef, there’s plenty to see both above and below the water. With its smaller, more intimate atmosphere, this beach is known for being a laid-back hangout.


Only reachable by water taxi, this beach has an exclusive air. It’s one of the most famous beaches in Thailand – especially among those staying in the country for more than a few days. The beach is better known as “Bottle Beach,” due to its bottle-like shape. Viewed as an Eden or tropical paradise, Bottle Beach has a wide, golden sand beach, a protected cove and unmatched natural beauty.


Had Thong Lang, or “Golden Deserted Beach,” is exactly what it is named for; a golden, deserted oasis. Uninhabited, the beach has barely been disturbed by civilization. Best reached by long-tail boat or a short walk from Chaloklum, this is a picturesque hideaway. During high tide, the shallow coral bay and reef create a beautiful blue lagoon. The few locals are friendly and love to talk to visitors, if you are lucky enough to meet them!