Green Koh Phangan

Imagine an island rife with powdery white sand beaches, sparkling azure shores, and mountains and forests full of lush, verdant green foliage. Welcome to Koh Phangan: a place where you can truly reconnect with natural beauty at its best. In an effort to preserve this natural beauty for generations to come, we have started to campaign to encourage visitors to fall in love with Green Phangan.

It is our desire to maintain Koh Phangan’s prevalent palm forests and fields, in conjunction with the island’s growing tourism industry. Our vision of a Green Phangan was originally inspired by His Majesty the King’s declaration that Koh Phangan was to be an environmentally-friendly, green island. We have also seen what improperly-controlled tourism can do to a tropical island, and we wish to learn from these lessons, and apply them to Koh Phangan’s ecological and tourism development.

As part of our ongoing environmental efforts on Koh Phangan, the Tourism Association of Koh Phangan is involved in the following green activities:

Encouraging hotels and restaurants to go green by creating their own organic gardens from which they can pick fresh, organic produce and herbs to use in their meals served to guests
Opening an Organic Produce and Herbs shop in Thong Sala, which we stock with freshly-grown organic produce from local farming families
Organized beach clean-ups that encourage not only locals but also visitors to the island to get their hands a bit sandy to help make Koh Phangan a cleaner, better place to be
Promoting the Green Cross, a team of volunteers on Koh Phangan who encourage the island’s hotels, restaurants, and tourism facilities to keep their respective beaches clean