About Us

The Tourism Association of Koh Phangan is an organization that was formed to promote a positive image for tourism on Koh Phangan.

Our purpose:

Elevate Koh Phangan’s tourism industry to meet international standards
Promote tourism on the island both nationally and internationally
Increase knowledge of Koh Phangan, including its beaches, culture, nature, and environment
Bring together the people of Koh Phangan, including locals and expats, as well as visitors to the island
Provide aid to Koh Phangan hotels, restaurants, and other such tourist facilities, to help them attain an international standard of service and offerings
We are not affiliated with any political party, nor do we hold any political position. Our wish is to remain a neutral organization that keeps out of politics.


meet the team
Let’s meet the hardworking, friendly board members of the Tourism Association of Koh Phangan, who often work out of their new office at the Thong Sala pier. Come say “hi” and feel free to ask them anything about Koh Phangan!


Mrs. Vannee Thaipanich
T: 081 171 4575


Mr. Chalor Sooksom
T: 081 737 9939

Mr. Vitarn Taisa Mey
T: 089 726 3517

Mr. Rangab Phaithuncharoensin
T: 086 277 2725

Mr. Khajud Chaowa Charoenponoi
T: 086 988 5575


Ms. Sureerat Surinthawong
T: 089 729 1313


Mr. Manop Sae-teo
T: 087 687 8668

Mr. Raifa Chanya
T. 087 012 2139

Ms. Tanyapa Inkong
T: 084 625 7274

Mr. Aoo
T: 086 770 8487


Sharon Kahati
T: 0879294496