Our Vision

The Tourism Association of Koh Phangan is an organization that was formed to promote a positive image for tourism on Koh Phangan.

Elevate Koh Phangan’s tourism industry to meet international standards
Promote tourism on the island both nationally and internationally
Increase knowledge of Koh Phangan, including its beaches, culture, nature, and environment
Bring together the people of Koh Phangan, including locals and expats, as well as visitors to the island
Provide aid to Koh Phangan hotels, restaurants, and other such tourist facilities, to help them attain an international standard of service and offerings
We are not affiliated with any political party, nor do we hold any political position. Our wish is to remain a neutral organization that keeps out of politics.
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Vanee the President of the Tourism Association Center

Vanee very kindly invited us to her office to talk about TAC and the ‘Be good for Mom’ event which is happening tomorrow (Saturday 22nd August).
Vanee is a true local, she was born on Koh Phangan 72 years ago and this lovely lady was one of the people who helped to start TAC. Read more…



 A Brief History of Koh Phangan

Manop from the Tourism Association of Koh Phangan teaches us about the history of Koh Phangan.

Manop believes that it may of been the Chinese people and Malaysian who came here first. He says they have this knowledge as Koh Phangan and Samui are names from the Malay language. It was these people along with people from the mainland, Surat Thani who would have come to Koh Phangan first. Read more…


 The Wonderful Girls of the Tourist Assistance Center

We have a responsibility to help the tourists, we go to the Full Moon party every month and also to the New Year’s Party to help but we also have fun sometimes there!
We take care of the tourists. It is just the three of us here but we work together with Vanee and Kit and have contact with Bangkok and Surat Thani offices, we have to report to them. Read more..


 The Red Cross on Koh Phangan

Most of us expats and travelers to Koh Phangan will be familiar with then name and ethos of The Red Cross which is a humanitarian movement aimed at protecting our health, life, to prevent suffering and to ensure that all life is respected.
We have all probably donated to them at least once in our lives through various campaigns.

But did you know that there is a Red Cross branch for Koh Phangan? There certainly is! Read more…


Vanee from the Tourism Association talks about Bike 4 Dad

The purpose is to say that we love our king and that we love our dad from Koh Phangan.
We may be a small island but we want everyone in the world to know that we love our king.
It will be very similar to Bike 4 Mom but with more people including officials. We have the Leading Executing Director of Koh Phangan, he’s the top man like the Mayor.
Our king is the king of all kings. He has done so much for the country starting from the day he started ruling Thailand in 1946. Read more…

 Phangan locals and expats celebrate the Queen and all Mothers day

Everybody met at the City Hall where Vannee, the President of TAC opened the ceremony with a speech to the huge crowd of participants and onlookers.

All were in good spirits and it was very well organised with lots of water and refreshments, staff volunteers and first aid staff. Luckily there was no accidents!

We went on the Moped so we could take photo’s (not an excuse we promise!) and everybody was really happy and glad to take part. Read more…